Not “How to” But “How Did I” Transcript

This is a transcript of part one of my story in podcast form, click here to listen

Not a “How to” But a “How Did I”….
Technology Gave My Children Better Lives
Chapter 1

Hi, everyone. I’m Deborah Carney. I am the host of several podcasts that some of you may listen to,,, and more. Today, I’m going to have a special edition. We’re going to call it the first of an ABCs Plus Special Edition.

I’m sitting here on a day that is a sad day for me every year. Nine years ago today, on Mother’s Day, May 13th, 2002, my youngest son was killed in a car crash. Every year on May 13th, I usually try to do something special that commemorates his life or helps other people. Today, what I decided to do is talk about how I got started on the Internet. Normally, I don’t do single podcasts by myself, so I hope this ends up being an okay podcast.

I think it’s important for a lot of moms and dads to hear my story so that they can understand that their story, even though it’s maybe in a different time and place, we all have some very similar experiences. I want to talk a little bit about it’s a bit of a history lesson in how the Internet has changed how we deal with certain things in our lives.
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Parsimonious Pash by Ashley Pomykala @parsimoniousp

Tell Us About Your Blog
Parsimonious Pash is a lifestyle blog with a large focus on pets and disability awareness. The two biggest parts of my life are my pets (2 cats and 1 dog) and the disability that I live with on a daily basis. Check out Parsimonious Pash for interesting little tid bits, tips, and product reviews.

Why Did You Start a Pet Blog?
I love my pets and they have been a huge part of my life forever. I have had a few dogs through out the years and have loved them all as well as the cats that I have had and still have. All animals are dear to me and I wish I could have a lot more.

Blogger Bio
Parsimonious Pash is run by Ashley Pomykala who is a 26 year old female who lives with her boyfriend of 6 years, her dog Kratos, and two cats Gonzo and Deimos. She is disabled and works part time as well as goes to school online.

Do you review books on your blog? If yes, what formats?
No preference

What Formats of Manuscripts or Books Will You Accept for Reviews?
No preference

Contact Info

Blog Link:
Parsimonious Pash

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Sonia Pressman Fuentes Interview About Feminism and Her Memoir

Author Sonia Pressman Fuentes joins BookGoodies hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to discuss writing, publishing and a lot of history.

What inspired you to write your memoir?
Several things inspired me to write my memoir. First, I was born in Berlin, Germany, of Polish Jewish parents, fled the Nazi regime with my parents, and came to the US, where I became a founder of the second wave of the women’s movement.  Second, I played a historic role at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) in interpreting the provisions of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which, among other things, prohibited employment discrimination based on sex. Third, I was a founder of NOW (National Organization for Women). And, finally, my parents were born in Piltz, a village in Poland, and lived a lifestyle that was gone and I wanted to preserve the record of their lives and mine.

Eat First—You Don’t Know What They’ll Give You, The Adventures of an Immigrant Family and Their Feminist Daughter
Tell us about your book:
It is the story, told with humor, of my parents’ lives and my own.  The book begins with my parents’ marriage in Piltz, the village in Poland where they were both born, and goes on to their lives and my own in Germany, Belgium, and the US.  The book discusses my becoming a lawyer in 1957, when 3% of the law school graduates in this country were women, my career and marriage, and my becoming a founder of NOW.  It ends with my returning to Germany in 1978 as an “American specialist” on the women’s rights movement in the US for the then-US Information Agency.
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WAHM-WHAD Podcast With Blogger Aldo Mencaraglia

WAHMoms/WAHDads host Deborah Carney is joined by guest Aldo Mencaraglia.

My name is Aldo and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

Exactly one year ago I left my corporate job as a commercial analyst to dedicate myself full time to my blog,, an online resource dedicated to Italians wishing to live and work abroad.

I started the blog 3 and half years earlier and it got to the stage where I could see it growing to a serious business.

At the same time, my wife could then be able to concentrate more on her new profession of migration agent.

I have recently started another site,, dedicated to sharing my Excel knowledge.


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Len Feldman eBook Consultant Interview with @BookGoodies

Len Feldman of Klemfarb joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about the services he provides for authors.

Klemfarb assists large and small publishers (including self-publishers) and book distributors with entering the eBook market. We specialize in genres such as children’s picture books, that require a different approach than conventional trade fiction titles. We help our clients to select eBook platforms, identify production services and distribution partners, and keep ahead of industry changes.

Twitter Account
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Email us at info (at)

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Podcast With Author and Blogger Fanny Seto

WAHMoms/WAHDads host Deborah Carney is joined by guest Fanny Seto who is a blogger and author who works from home.

From Fanny:
I’ve been working from home for about 7 out of the past 12 years. I run a frugal living blog Living Richly on a Budget and recently wrote an ebook Eating Organic on a Budget. My daughter is 15 months old.

I’ve worked as a wedding videographer, in search engine optimization, and in online marketing. When I was laid off the 2nd time in a row, I found out that I was pregnant. And I knew that I wanted to stay at home with my child. So I worked at building up my blog to earn an income from it. I felt I had the skills and experience to make it happen. And although it’s challenging at times, there’s no other place I’d rather be than at home, raising my daughter.

Here is a section of a transcript of the podcast:
Deborah: What’s the biggest challenge that you think you face as a work at home mom?

Fanny: Finding time to work. At this age she’s walking a lot and running and doing things and she won’t let me be on my computer. Every time I’m at my desk she’ll come over and start playing with my mouse and the keyboard and I really can’t get any work done while she’s awake.

It’s not like when she was crawling or when she couldn’t move and I could just work a couple hours during the day when she was awake. Now all my attention is taking care of her during the day while she’s awake and when she sleeps that’s when I work. The challenge is actually finding time to work and being more productive with my time.

Deborah: Yes, so time management is a big thing with you?

Fanny: Yes.

Deborah: That’s a challenge that probably every work at home mom and dad has even when their kids are older and off in middle school or high school. Then they don’t demand your attention by playing with your mouse and keyboard but all of a sudden they need to be driven here, there and everywhere. How are you balancing that? You said you work when she naps. Does she have a schedule that she keeps or do you just have to wait for her to get tired?

Fanny: She takes one nap during the day so sometimes I do some social media work during that time and I also take a nap. I work at night when she’s asleep. I get most of my work done when she’s asleep. She sleeps at about eight or nine and then I get a few hours of work done. I kind of work two to four hours a day on my blog.

Actually to get my book done it was challenging because I couldn’t do it on those time constraints. What I worked out with my husband is he would take her out during the weekend on a Saturday and I would get some writing done during that time.

Writing a book you can’t just do one hour or two hours. You have to do a big chunk of time to get something done. That’s how we worked it out. Otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to complete the book.

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Amy Weber – Making it in Show Business – Author Interview

Hollywood personality Amy Weber joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss her recently published a guide to Making it in Show Business aimed at helping newcomers avoid some of the potentially dangerous traps lurking just behind the scenes of this glamorous industry. The book is based on lessons she learned, both as a model, and as the owner of a successful modeling agency.

Amy is a successful Hollywood personality who has found ways to help others. Amy took some time out from her success as a model & actress to start her family (with the birth of her twins – who are coming up on their third birthday). Instead of the traditional I had a baby, look at me now approach we see so often these days, Amy has instead concentrated her efforts on finding a way to help others.

In addition, Amy is producing and hosting a new reality series called GOOD SAMARITANS which focuses on the people we meet every day and just how we look at and help out those who are in need. GOOD SAMARITANS is airing on DISH Network, DirecTV, and starting on syndicated stations across the country shortly. She is also producing and starring in CROSSROAD, a faith based family film which will be in theatres later this year, plus her first album is making a rapid rise through the BILLBOARD charts!

Amy’s Twitter: @TheRealAmyWeber
Amy’s Facebook Page

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SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews by KathleenGarber

Tell Us About Your Blog
Up until recently I reviewed nonfiction and children’s book but I just recently devoted myself to nonfiction only although I cover from children’s up to adults. Besides book reviews you will also find occasional book giveaways and book/reading related posts.

Why Did You Start a Book Blog?
I started reviewing books occasionally in 1999 when I was 16 and moved them onto and then in 2003 I found book blogs and started a blog. My blog has had many incarnations since then as well as periods of less activity mixed with more activity. It’s now one of my 4 active blogs and I’m working on balancing posts on each.

What Kinds of Books do You Review?
As I stated before, only nonfiction although I will review some other books occasionally on one of my other blogs. My most common topics are parenting, health, psychology, lifestyle, animals, science, technology, education, sociology, cooking and life.

What Formats of Manuscripts or Books Will You Accept for Reviews?
Print book only

How Do You Like Authors to Contact You?

Contact Info
I prefer email contact but please refer to my PR page FIRST:

That webpage will lead you to my email.

Blog Link:
SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews

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Weebly Website Building Platform – Blogging ABCs #26

Blogging ABCs host Deborah Carney is joined by Karen Garcia of GTO Management to present an updated platform that bloggers and webmasters can use to easily create a new website.

Why do over 10 million people & businesses use Weebly? For the easiest, most powerful, and affordable website-building service! Building a website on Weebly is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Our drag & drop website builder makes it dead simple to create a powerful, professional website without any technical skills. Named one of TIME’s 50 Best Websites, Weebly has helped many millions of people create a professional website, blog, or online store and is the leading innovator in the website creation space.

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Inbound Writer Blogging Tool – Blogging ABCs #25

Blogging ABCs host Deborah Carney is joined by Karen Garcia of GTO Management to present a cool tool that bloggers and webmasters can use to optimize their blog or page content.

InboundWriter is a content optimization app that helps you blend art and science to reach and engage your audience. It is available as both a web app and a WordPress plugin and makes it easy for content marketers and professional writers of all types to create more relevant and web-friendly content by integrating real-time search and social intelligence directly into the writing process.

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