Amy Weber – Making it in Show Business – Author Interview

Hollywood personality Amy Weber joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss her recently published a guide to Making it in Show Business aimed at helping newcomers avoid some of the potentially dangerous traps lurking just behind the scenes of this glamorous industry. The book is based on lessons she learned, both as a model, and as the owner of a successful modeling agency.

Amy is a successful Hollywood personality who has found ways to help others. Amy took some time out from her success as a model & actress to start her family (with the birth of her twins – who are coming up on their third birthday). Instead of the traditional I had a baby, look at me now approach we see so often these days, Amy has instead concentrated her efforts on finding a way to help others.

In addition, Amy is producing and hosting a new reality series called GOOD SAMARITANS which focuses on the people we meet every day and just how we look at and help out those who are in need. GOOD SAMARITANS is airing on DISH Network, DirecTV, and starting on syndicated stations across the country shortly. She is also producing and starring in CROSSROAD, a faith based family film which will be in theatres later this year, plus her first album is making a rapid rise through the BILLBOARD charts!

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