Blogging ABCs #14 – All About Guest Posting – Why and How To

Blogging ABCs hosts Deborah Carney, Tricia Meyer, Vinny O’Hare, are joined by James Martell to have a panel discussion about guest posting (blogging on other people’s blogs) and have guest bloggers on their own sites.

More exposure for you and for the guest poster
Adds more variety of “voices” to your blog
Guest bloggers encourage their followers to follow you as well.
Some guest bloggers might not have their own sites, so they send you traffic so their followers can read what they wrote.
Where you guest blog can give you instant authority if you are a guest blogger or regular contributor to a larger site in your niche.
Multi-user blogs that share revenue

Plan your guest blogging, so you are contributing regularly to new audience
Guest blogging is going to be the next “big thing” other than social media

Bloggers are more open to cross promoting than traditional webmasters with static sites that take webmaster intervention to post content to.

Can outsource as long as the voice is yours. Give an outsourced writer an outline and then you edit it, so it is your content.

Common question: Do you use a unique post for each site or can you reuse articles from your own site?
James: Original content but not necessarily new topics. Change up the slant to fit the personality of the blog you are guest posting on. Duplicate content is not as issue because it is in front of a different audience. We want to get in front of more real people and not as much from search engines. Delivery of some content is different also, rss to various devices could mean people aren’t even getting to your actual site.

Google punishing the people that blast garbage content to 500-700 crappy blogs and bad article directories. People that have good content even on several locations are still going to rank for the same article at all those places.

Print publishing rules: First world rights for one-time use and electronic use, then reprint rights belong to the author once the article is published on the blog you are guest posting on.

BloggerLinkUp – Great place to hook up with potential guest bloggers
Podcast with Cathy Stucker about using BloggerLinkUp

Peter Shankman’s Help a Reporter Out, but BLU is more focused as a tool to create relationships between webmasters/bloggers and HARO is more focused on actual media connections. They are complimentary tools, and you probably want to subscribe to both.
Affiliate Summit Panel request on HARO got posters, podcasters, and the panel members.

Tricia suggests some additional ways to find guest posters –
Twitter hashtags, follow some in a specific niche, watch the links they post and when you see writing you like, send them an @message to contact you about being a guest poster.

Tricia and James both have found writers via: – watch who your paper is pulling in and go see who has content you like or who you would like to write for or who you would like to write for you.

James: Watching people that comment regularly on blogs you are on and ask them to blog for you.

Nice things to do when you Guest Post:
Include a graphic
Promote the post
Subscribe to the post comments so you know you have comments to respond to

More sophisticated than article marketing via article sharing sites.

Plugin that allows guest posters to set up profile, submit the posts, and manage their posts they have submitted to your site: Kish Guest Post Plugin for WordPress

Gravity Forms Contact Form Plugin for WordPress Can create guest post form templates

Tricia Meyer
James Martell
Vinny O’Hare
Deborah aka Loxly
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  1. Really enjoyed this podcast as well! I’m absolutely looking to gain readership both by accepting guest posts on my blog and guest posting on others.

    The plugin you suggested at the end seems great as well. Have you tried installing that on any of your blogs though? I actually have the same issue with it that James is having on his blog It just looks like its loading but nothing happens. Let me know if you have the same problem and if I figure it out, will let you know as well 🙂

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