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Blogging ABCs #2 Interview With Wendy Limauge – Sweeties Swags

Listen in for Blogging ABCs Episode #2 as your host Deborah Carney interviews blogger Wendy Limauge and talks to her about how she got started and how she is working to monetize her blogs. Wendy will be joining Deborah at Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas in January 2010 on a panel about how mommybloggers could be changing the face of affiliate marketing.

Wendy is very open about her blogs and what she does to make them profitable. She would like to help other bloggers be able to skip some of the mistakes she has made and get right to the “good stuff”. We will also have a podcast from her about how she uses social media.

Links mentioned in our show:
Sweeties Swag
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Wendy on Linkedin
Sweeties Secret Sweeps Membership Site
The Mommybloggers Guide
Wendy’s Lifetime TV blog

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