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SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews by KathleenGarber

Tell Us About Your Blog
Up until recently I reviewed nonfiction and children’s book but I just recently devoted myself to nonfiction only although I cover from children’s up to adults. Besides book reviews you will also find occasional book giveaways and book/reading related posts.

Why Did You Start a Book Blog?
I started reviewing books occasionally in 1999 when I was 16 and moved them onto and then in 2003 I found book blogs and started a blog. My blog has had many incarnations since then as well as periods of less activity mixed with more activity. It’s now one of my 4 active blogs and I’m working on balancing posts on each.

What Kinds of Books do You Review?
As I stated before, only nonfiction although I will review some other books occasionally on one of my other blogs. My most common topics are parenting, health, psychology, lifestyle, animals, science, technology, education, sociology, cooking and life.

What Formats of Manuscripts or Books Will You Accept for Reviews?
Print book only

How Do You Like Authors to Contact You?

Contact Info
I prefer email contact but please refer to my PR page FIRST:

That webpage will lead you to my email.

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SMS Nonfiction Book Reviews

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