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Len Feldman eBook Consultant Interview with @BookGoodies

Len Feldman of Klemfarb joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about the services he provides for authors.

Klemfarb assists large and small publishers (including self-publishers) and book distributors with entering the eBook market. We specialize in genres such as children’s picture books, that require a different approach than conventional trade fiction titles. We help our clients to select eBook platforms, identify production services and distribution partners, and keep ahead of industry changes.

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Podcast With Author and Blogger Fanny Seto

WAHMoms/WAHDads host Deborah Carney is joined by guest Fanny Seto who is a blogger and author who works from home.

From Fanny:
I’ve been working from home for about 7 out of the past 12 years. I run a frugal living blog Living Richly on a Budget and recently wrote an ebook Eating Organic on a Budget. My daughter is 15 months old.

I’ve worked as a wedding videographer, in search engine optimization, and in online marketing. When I was laid off the 2nd time in a row, I found out that I was pregnant. And I knew that I wanted to stay at home with my child. So I worked at building up my blog to earn an income from it. I felt I had the skills and experience to make it happen. And although it’s challenging at times, there’s no other place I’d rather be than at home, raising my daughter.

Here is a section of a transcript of the podcast:
Deborah: What’s the biggest challenge that you think you face as a work at home mom?

Fanny: Finding time to work. At this age she’s walking a lot and running and doing things and she won’t let me be on my computer. Every time I’m at my desk she’ll come over and start playing with my mouse and the keyboard and I really can’t get any work done while she’s awake.

It’s not like when she was crawling or when she couldn’t move and I could just work a couple hours during the day when she was awake. Now all my attention is taking care of her during the day while she’s awake and when she sleeps that’s when I work. The challenge is actually finding time to work and being more productive with my time.

Deborah: Yes, so time management is a big thing with you?

Fanny: Yes.

Deborah: That’s a challenge that probably every work at home mom and dad has even when their kids are older and off in middle school or high school. Then they don’t demand your attention by playing with your mouse and keyboard but all of a sudden they need to be driven here, there and everywhere. How are you balancing that? You said you work when she naps. Does she have a schedule that she keeps or do you just have to wait for her to get tired?

Fanny: She takes one nap during the day so sometimes I do some social media work during that time and I also take a nap. I work at night when she’s asleep. I get most of my work done when she’s asleep. She sleeps at about eight or nine and then I get a few hours of work done. I kind of work two to four hours a day on my blog.

Actually to get my book done it was challenging because I couldn’t do it on those time constraints. What I worked out with my husband is he would take her out during the weekend on a Saturday and I would get some writing done during that time.

Writing a book you can’t just do one hour or two hours. You have to do a big chunk of time to get something done. That’s how we worked it out. Otherwise I don’t think I would have been able to complete the book.

For the rest of the interview, listen to the podcast or download the pdf of our interview.


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Amy Weber – Making it in Show Business – Author Interview

Hollywood personality Amy Weber joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss her recently published a guide to Making it in Show Business aimed at helping newcomers avoid some of the potentially dangerous traps lurking just behind the scenes of this glamorous industry. The book is based on lessons she learned, both as a model, and as the owner of a successful modeling agency.

Amy is a successful Hollywood personality who has found ways to help others. Amy took some time out from her success as a model & actress to start her family (with the birth of her twins – who are coming up on their third birthday). Instead of the traditional I had a baby, look at me now approach we see so often these days, Amy has instead concentrated her efforts on finding a way to help others.

In addition, Amy is producing and hosting a new reality series called GOOD SAMARITANS which focuses on the people we meet every day and just how we look at and help out those who are in need. GOOD SAMARITANS is airing on DISH Network, DirecTV, and starting on syndicated stations across the country shortly. She is also producing and starring in CROSSROAD, a faith based family film which will be in theatres later this year, plus her first album is making a rapid rise through the BILLBOARD charts!

Amy’s Twitter: @TheRealAmyWeber
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Author Interview with Stacy Juba – @BookGoodies @StacyJuba

BookGoodies host Deborah Carney interviews author Stacy Juba about publishing as a teen by a big publishing house, and later with a smaller publishing label and eventually independently publishing. We also discussed collaborative book promoting and KDP Select vs expanding to other ebook platforms. There is also a discussion about whether we want children reading ebooks or staying with print books. Would enjoy your comments on that issue as well!

Here is a short bio from her site, you can read the longer version here:
Although Stacy Juba specializes in writing adult novels, she has also authored books for children and young adults – she pursues whatever story ideas won’t leave her alone. Stacy’s titles include the mystery novels Twenty-Five Years Ago Today and Sink or Swim, the mystery short story Laundry Day, the children’s picture books The Flag Keeper, Victoria Rose and the Big Bad Noise, and the Teddy Bear Town Children’s E-Book Bundle (Three Complete Picture Books), and the young adult novels Face-Off and Dark Before Dawn. She is a former journalist with more than a dozen writing awards to her credit and is currently working on a contemporary fiction/romantic comedy novel, as well as a new mystery novel. Many of her titles have appeared as #1 on various Amazon Kindle Top 100 lists.

Stacy’s Website
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April 19th 2012 – Give Your Child A Free Kindle Book Day

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Interview With Author Mike Bove About Self Publishing and Cooperative Promotions

BookGoodies is pleased to publish our interview with mystery writer Mike Bove, who you can find more out about at Mike is involved in a really cool free book promotion day – Friday the 13th! 13 mystery and suspense authors are going to be offering a scary book for your Kindle or Kindle apps to enjoy on Friday April 13th.

Deborah Carney interviewed Mike after he contacted BookGoodies about the Friday the 13th book promotion. Join us to hear his story about publishing independently and how he got involved with the group that is sponsoring the spooky giveaway. The event is being sponsored by Stacey Juba and their press release will be posted below. In the meantime, have a listen to Mike as we explore the town and characters of Willowtree and his journey to get there.

Show Links:
Mike Bove’s Website
Stacy Juba’s Website
BookGoodies Page About the Friday the 13th (April 2012) Book Giveaway

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The Changing Landscape of Book Publishing with @JimKukral

BookGoodies hosts Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare talk to successful author Jim Kukral about the way book publishing is changing. There is a major shift from publishers and agents as gatekeepers of published books to authors being able to publish whatever they want. Is this good or bad? Listen to us to find out!

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BookGoodies Interviews Recipe Book Author Kent Lorentzen

BookGoodies hosts Deborah Carney and Vinny O’Hare talk to Recipe Book Author Kent Lorentzen about his book, his photography, his farmer’s market and why he self published.

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