Free Kindle Book Today – Affiliate Marketing Then and Now

A fantastic group of people got together in October and recorded a podcast about how they got started in affiliate marketing: Brian Littleton, Todd Farmer, Connie Arnold, Scott Jangro and Todd Crawford. There are also questions and comments from people in the chat, like Shawn and Missy.

The transcript of that historic podcast is now available as a Kindle book. Don’t have a kindle yet? Doesn’t matter, kindle has an app for that. Literally. They have apps for all computers and devices except Linux I am told. The Kindle book is for sale for $5.99 (Vinny told me to price it at $1 per person that participated) of which 70% will be donated to AMGB and the October Avon Walk team. But *you* don’t have to buy it. I have something more important to ask you.

On Thursday and Friday of this week (Feb 23rd and 24th) the Kindle book will be available for free. To anyone. Not the “free for Kindle owners only to borrow” but really free. What I would ask of you all is to “buy” the book for free, click the “like” button and leave a comment/review. This should help the book climb the Amazon ranks so it will be more visible and it will actually sell later on. And tell others to get it for free too. Posts, tweets, fb would all be great. If you tweet you can use the hashtag #books4boobies

Of course after Feb 24th we would appreciate you purchasing the book to make that donation via Any and all blog reviews are appreciated, you can post the link to your blog reviews on our Facebook pages to get additional exposure to your post (and blog).