How Bloggers Can Utilize Gift Guides – Blogging ABCs #24

Blogging ABCs hosts Tricia Meyer and Deborah Carney talk about how bloggers can use gift guides to build traffic and possibly test out affiliate marketing and see if it is right for them. Regardless of whether you choose to monetize your blog or not, gift guides throughout the year can give you a topic to write about that people search for and need help with.

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5 thoughts on “How Bloggers Can Utilize Gift Guides – Blogging ABCs #24

    1. Welcome, Andrea! Let us know if you have any questions or anything in particular that you would like us to talk about in future podcasts!


    1. Hi Judi,

      Here is a very specific niche one that I did a couple of years ago for moms who are Twilight fans. I tried to be as specific as possible to help my gift guide rank in the search engines. Now I need to update it for the upcoming holiday season because it continues to get traffic 2 years later:

      You can see that it isn’t complicated at all. It’s just about using some good keywords in your title, description, and tags and then also using them in your post. Then giving some targeted gift suggestions around those keywords.

      Hope that helps!


  1. one more ? Is it okay to use screenshots of products you have links for on an affiliate site? In other words screen shots of images from their site. If not how do you get those images to put on your site?

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