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Parsimonious Pash is a lifestyle blog with a large focus on pets and disability awareness. The two biggest parts of my life are my pets (2 cats and 1 dog) and the disability that I live with on a daily basis. Check out Parsimonious Pash for interesting little tid bits, tips, and product reviews.

Why Did You Start a Pet Blog?
I love my pets and they have been a huge part of my life forever. I have had a few dogs through out the years and have loved them all as well as the cats that I have had and still have. All animals are dear to me and I wish I could have a lot more.

Blogger Bio
Parsimonious Pash is run by Ashley Pomykala who is a 26 year old female who lives with her boyfriend of 6 years, her dog Kratos, and two cats Gonzo and Deimos. She is disabled and works part time as well as goes to school online.

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