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We did a few podcasts about bloggers starting podcasting and put together this page to explain easily how we do it and what we do differently than when we started:

Free Resources:
GarageBand – editing software that comes with Macs
Audacity – free audio editing software. Download the lame package as well so you can convert from any format to .mp3
Skype – free for making phone calls between Skype users, if you need to you can add a number for a fee that people can call you from a phone with, or you can purchase minutes to make calls to regular phones. The charges to make calls are very reasonable, but most people should be able to install and use Skype.
Levelator – When you are recording people in different places you may need to level out the voices so one isn’t louder or much softer than the others, you can drop a .wav or .aiff file into this program and it makes everyone pretty level.

Pamela – PC – does have a freeware version that limits calls to 15 mins
Call Recorder – Mac

We started with these headsets – Plantronics DSP400 Foldable Multimedia Headset

Recently upgraded to a stand alone mic – the Blue Yeti. I got the Yeti on sale at Amazon, so watch for deals. The the quality is unbeatable.

2 thoughts on “Podcasting Resources

  1. And let’s not forget the BluBrry.com podcasting plugin for WordPress. It is a first class plugin that makes it easy to publish your podcast for the world to hear. Oh, and yes it is also FREE!


    1. Since I use it almost automatically on every blog I totally forgot to include that. Thanks James!

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