3 thoughts on “Sneak Preview of 5 Affiliate Marketing Benefits For Bloggers Webinar Replay

  1. Hi Tricia and Deborah,

    Thanks to Gail Gardner (GrowMap.com), I was introduced to your webinar presentation.

    I do want to note that the performance marketing and affiliate marketing industry is really after bloggers right about now. The blogging community is prolific, verbose, and bold. The community commands a broad, intelligent readership with wallets in hand.

    “Right about now,” the blogging community can add a dimension to affiliate marketing previously untapped. As you are sharing info with bloggers about how to monetize blogs, might I suggest you also hear some of what they’ve had to say about the networks many of them are participating within? A starting place is the 3-part results of a survey conducted recently; the write-up is over on Performance Insider in which bloggers discuss the challenges and recommend improvements to affiliate marketing industry.

    Thanks for sharing your combined insights into this hot topic.

    1. Thanks for that insight, Vernessa. I took a quick look at your post but want to spend a little more time especially reading all of the comments you have on it. You are absolutely right that there is a HUGE untapped opportunity within the blogger community. The question is, what do we need to do to make it happen??

      1. Hi Tricia,

        Thanks for correcting my faux pas! 🙂 I really appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule to read the series. I learned a few things by conducting the survey and writing up the results. Please do share your insights on each one.

        The question? There are multiple questions – it’s up to the blogging community to properly frame them. Then getting to the answers will require an informed, participatory approach which includes ALL the key stakeholders.

        Hope we’ll have some of those conversations. 🙂

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