Here are some comments from people we have worked with or have been guests on our podcasts:

“Deborah Carney is a passionate and experienced affiliate manager. She not only is an affiliate manager but an important and vocal member of the affiliate community. She takes the time to educate and reach out to members of the community new and old. She is a great asset to all of us,”
Stephanie Lichtenstein president of Micro Media Marketing

“Deborah is one of the true experts in the affiliate marketing world. From the moment I met her she put forth an amazing effort to educate me on what I needed to know and where I needed to go to further my experience. Her breadth of knowledge is amazing, and she is one of few people that know both sides of the business very well. She is always looking for news ways to share content and help the new people coming into the industry. If you have the opportunity to work with her I’d recommend that you do not pass it up.”
Patrick Allmond

“Deborah is an experienced affiliate manager and she not only always knows what the newest thing is, she is all about sharing that knowledge with others. She’s an early adapter and an enthusiastic teacher. Beginners and experts both look to Deborah for advice when the topic is affiliate sites or merchant programs.”
Judi Moore

“Deborah is an experienced and talented affiliate, affiliate manager, outsourced program manager and trainer who gives of herself for the betterment of others. I have known her for over a half dozen years and we have worked together on a variety of marketing and training projects. She is capable, willing to provide guidance based on her experience, and has helped me in the growth of my business activities over several years of being colleagues in a diverse and emerging industry.”
Bill Swartwout

“Resourceful, ambitious, creative & spirited, Debbie is one of the legends of the Affiliate Marketing industry – it’s not just a career for her; it’s a passion. Having a wealth of experience on both sides of the Affiliate/Merchant coin, Debbie lives and breathes online marketing. What sets Deborah Carney apart is her honest, direct approach to doing business, along with a willingness to educate both advertisers & publishers on what it takes to win in Affiliate Marketing.”
Liz Gazer

“Deb is a natural teacher and mentor, and never hesitates to share information with anyone for the overall improvement of the affiliate marketing industry. Her knowledge of internet marketing, and how all pieces of the pie affect the affiliate channel, is amazing. I was fortunate to have dinner with Deb years ago at Affiliate Summit, and gained a lifelong friend. I will be forever grateful for that meal!”
Kim Salvino
Edited from Deb: I’m forever grateful too!!

“I’ve listened to Deborah’s podcasts during the last year – and each time I’ve learned something that has helped me as a merchant, as an affiliate, and as a businessman. 

Deb has an innate passion for teaching and it shows every time. Her topics – and co-hosts – are always timely and informative. And they keep them lively! 

It’s like having a one-on-one tutor who’s available 24/7.

Billy Kay

“Deborah is a great program manager and educator in the field of affiliate marketing. She is one of the most active proponents of smart, ethical affiliate marketing. Retailers and affiliates alike would do well to heed her advice.”
Jack Kotowski

“I’ve been consistently happy with Deborah’s work helping to manage Viator’s affiliate program on ShareASale. Deborah has extensive affiliate program knowledge and experience and this shines through in the podcasts she produces. She’s also a great ambassador for honest and trustworthy affiliate program operations, raising the legitimacy of the industry.”
Kelly Gillease

“Deborah is one of those people who you just want to be in business with. She’s personable and intelligent and just fun to be around. I know that when she’s involved in a project it’s going to be top-notch. I highly recommend you work with Deborah.”
Jim Kukral

“Deb is an experienced, capable, forward thinker who is constantly a step ahead of the industry. Her ability to see what’s coming next and build services to support that next trend make her invaluable as a resource. Her current work in the performance marketing merchant space has opened the industries eyes to a need for education. 

Deb has also historically assisted me in the blogging and podcast. Her ability to focus on relevant topics and keep people thinking helped get our organization brand recognition. 

Given the opportunity I would gladly hire Deb into my organization and am envious of any businesses with whom she chooses to work.”
Charlie Calabrese

“I’ve known Deborah Carney since 2005 and to this day, she remains in the Top Five People I Call When I Need Help – whether it’s help with affiliate marketing, promotion, or just bouncing around new ideas, Deborah is a pro. Producing training materials and podcasts to assist people in the internet/affiliate marketing industry comes naturally to her and I absolutely recommend her without hesitation.”
Daniel M. Clark

“It is always a pleasure to discuss affiliate marketing with Deb because of her extensive knowledge, experience and true understanding of the marketplace. She has a wonderful way of explaining things easily yet thoroughly so that everyone can understand, which makes her ABC’s podcasts very useful to anyone involved in affiliate marketing, regardless of level of expertise. Her topics are always useful, relevant and thoroughly entertaining, whether you’re a merchant, affiliate, network or vendor, and the archives provide a wealth of stored knowledge. Deb’s knowledge of the industry, just like her energy, is limitless. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her ongoing willingness to help everyone succeed in affilate marketing, through activities ranging from podcasts to one-on-one conversations, has helped grow our industry. It is a true pleasure to know her!”
Jeannine Crooks

“Deb’s Merchant, Blogging and Affiliate ABCs Podcasts are a unique offering in the affiliate world. She uses these podcasts as a way to introduce affiliates to new merchants and suggest compatible affiliate programs. It’s an innovative way for merchants to get more visibility. Her expert knowledge of the affiliate marketing industry is shown by the ease of which she helps all aspects of the industry with the Merchant, Blogging and Affiliate ABCs Podcasts.”
Sharon Mostyn

Note from Deb
I’m amazed every by how many people appreciate and support our work and our podcasts. Without education we would be nowhere and would be stagnant. Our young industry is calling out for education resources that don’t just tell people they can get rich quick, but that actually outline what needs to be done and why, plus grows with the fast changing environment that is our industry. Thanks to all that gave me the comments above, it makes me realize that people actually do pay attention 🙂

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